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Photo: Larry Chen

Photo: Mat Janiak

Hotbits provides a variety of products and services to meet your needs:

  • Suspension systems
  • Hoses & quick connects
  • Race preparation for rally, Targa and track racing
  • Service at events ranging from complete crew to simply helping set up your suspension (our specialty)
  • Used, vintage 911 parts.

Hot Bits welcomes AZE 2 Performance as a new, fully-trained, full service centre in Quebec . Speak to Vincent Trudel at (581) 991-0156 .


Mailing / Shipping

8-400 Steeles Ave East
Suite 416
Brampton, ON  L6W 4T4

Primary Shipping

334 Rutherford Rd S, Unit 4
Brampton, ON  L6W 3P5

Phone Numbers

Toll Free 1-866-458-1318

Service Centre