R32 1.8t 20v

Our new rally car project!


2004 VW R32 1.8t 20v Golf

  • 1.8t 20v engine using JE pistons and Pauder rods
  • SEM Intake manifold
  • Tonik Motorsports Exhaust manifold and custom Garrett/Tial Turbo
  • PWR Radiator
  • Bully clutch and flywheel
  • 5 speed Audi TT tranny shifted by VW Motorsports shifter
  • Peloquin diffs front and rear
  • SQS Haldex Controller
  • Custom Cages FIA Rollcage
  • AP and Brembo Brakes with Tilton peddle box




Thanks to our usual partners in our projects,

  • SEM Motorsports - intake, intercooler plumbing, downpipe and the main starting point the R32 plus spare parts. Tom and Marco
  • Tonik Motorsports - roll cage welding Troll, turbo junky and all around good guy.  Warren
  • Four Start Motorsports - cage, belts, brakes and misc rally parts, including being a flocker.  Dan, Frank, Sr. and the Mrs.
  • TN Dynamic Machine Shop - anything that did not fit...does now.  Chris and Popa
  • Sang's Automotive  -  putting it together and putting up with all of us...including laughing at us.  Sang and Sen Junior (Alex, Sang's son) - did in the most annoying work, scraping all the joints and undercoating off. 
  • Dave - king of destruction - removed all the "spare" brackets etc
  • Phil - general critic, motor builder and hand on everywhere else.
  • Ray - distant onlooker.....the way we all like it...damn co-drivers.


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